Order information

Configure product

First choose the products. On the following detail page you can then configure the article as you wish. According to the product you'll have different options to do this.

After entering all the data required, click on the "Create preview" button .

The page will reload and will then show you the result in the preview area. Once you are satisfied with the result you can put the article in the basket using the appropriate button. There's a small input field in front of the button where you can enter the amount of the product you require if you want to order more than one.

Completing orders

You can check your current order in the basket. Here you will see:

- All articles
- The amount of each article ( which you can also correct here: enter the number required in the input field and click on the small round arrow next to it)
- All prices ( the shipping costs are only binding when we know the delivery address)

If the article is wrong, delete it and go back to the order process. If the order is correct, go to the next step. 

System requirements

* (Session) cookies have to be allowed
* Javascript has to be activated
* The SSL certificate has to be accepted (root and intermediate certificates too)
* Ajax requests have to be possible
* Tested with IE 7, IE 8, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome on both Mac and Windows

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