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entered into by and between the client (hereinafter referred to as: Client), and TDS Consulting Kft. "A member of 1131 Budapest, Kucsma u. 11. Tax number: 27121140-2-41 ) (hereinafter jointly referred to as: Parties) under the following terms and conditions:

1.1. The contract shall be concluded only by means of the client order through the webpage http:// in the manner and under the conditions specified in this GTC.

1.2. The services of the webpage may be used by natural persons with transaction capacity (capacity to act) as well as persons entitled to act on behalf of entities with or without legal personality if they have registered legitimately and successfully by presenting real and verifiable data when submitting the order or at the homepage, and furthermore accept to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in this GTC. The Contractor shall assume no liability for the damages caused by the personal data submitted during the registration process with an attempt to mislead the Contractor.

2.1. The registration may be carried out even during the product order, following the complete data submission. The Contractor may accept orders without registration as well, though any special services provided are only available for the registered Clients (with full rights).

2.2. Contractor shall not be liable for the delivery delay or other problems and mistakes attributable to data submitted incorrectly and/or inaccurately by the Client, and the damage resulting therefrom shall be borne by the Client. The Contractor shall not be liable for the damage occurred if the Client has forgotten the password or the password has been made available for unauthorized people for any reasons not attributable to the Contractor. The incorrectly submitted data and the data concerning an active order may be changed through one of our contact information.

The Contractor undertakes to perform the ordered print work and services with the highest quality achievable with the given technology.
The Contractor shall accept the order from the Client when all the necessary data has been completely submitted. The Contractor shall not be liable for the delivery delay or other problems and mistakes attributable to order data submitted incorrectly and/or inaccurately by the Client.

4.1 The Contractor shall send a written confirmation to the Client automatically following the order procedure of the Client after the successful credit card transaction.

5.1 Quantitative receipt: The quantity ordered shall be considered to be fulfilled by the Client when the Contractor has delivered the same number of products as the total number of ordered products. The quantitative complaints shall be communicated at the time of delivery/receipt.

6.1. The prices indicated in the offers, the confirmations sent electronically via the online system and the invoices of the Contractor are charged with the VAT specified in the prevailing legislation, which – in addition to the price – shall also be borne by the Client. The offer price and the invoice price are both net unit prices and concern a specified number of product units. The prices specified by the Contractor do not include the packaging and delivery costs of the particular product; these are added to the invoice through the online system after the selection of the payment and delivery parameters.
VAT payment responsibility:
Company w/n EU: 0% VAT
Individual w/n EU: 27% VAT, if they do not have an EU VAT number
Individual w/n EU: 0% VAT, if they have an EU VAT number
Company not from EU: 0% VAT
Individual not from EU: 0% VAT
Hungary-based company: 27% VAT
Hungarian individual: 27% VAT

6.2. Payment by credit card: The Client shall pay for the ordered product at the payment module of the order process. The card data are submitted at the own webpage of OTP Bank so the Contractor is not aware of the credit card data of the Client and is only informed of the satisfactory fulfillment.

7.1. The Contractor shall deliver the final product to the DHL shipping company in 10 working days following the confirmation on the feasibility of the order.

7.2. In case of product order, the Client shall carry out the comprehensive check of the package at the time of delivery and in case of complete fulfillment it shall sign the acknowledgement of receipt. Thereafter the Contractor cannot accept any complaints on shortcomings. Complaints on the delivery and the ordered items shall be documented in the presence of the representative of the shipping company by means of writing a report.

7.3. Our goal is to offer you a great and unique shopping experience. Therefore we are happy to provide you with an easy and customer-friendly return and exchange solution.

For all our EU-customers (including Switzerland) we are offering fast return and exchange service. Kindly send back the goods needed to be exchanged to us and we will ship you an exchange product upon delivery. This service is only available 10 days from the day of delivery. For any further queries regarding this service please contact our customer service team.

For returns from non-EU Countries (excluding Switzerland) or any other international returns, please contact our customer service directly. We are happy to help you! Contact details: +36 70 930 4418 or via
All apparel must be returned and exchange unwashed, unworn, & clean, with original tags still attached.
Apparel that has been worn or washed, or is dirty (includes make up, dirt, and other marks), cannot be returned or exchanged.
Bags, accessories
Bags and accessories can be returned and exchange if the product is in brand-new condition. The original tags and packaging must be intact.

The Client shall be liable for providing the Contractor with all information necessary in order to ensure the execution of the order. The Contractor shall not be liable for the content of the completed file uploaded by the Client and the validity of data and information included in the printouts created by them. The Client shall be held liable for these in all cases. The Client shall assume sole liability for the content and the integrity of copyrights, publishing rights and other rights of the work ordered by them.
The Client shall relieve the Contractor of any claims against third persons resulting from infringements related to this, furthermore the Contractor shall be relieved regarding all procedures, costs, damages and expenses in connection with the above.
The Contractor shall make all reasonable efforts to perform the ordered work in perfect quality, though it assumes liability for no more than the value of the work performed – in case of damage or loss as well.
The Contractor shall assume sole liability for the quality of the works performed by subcontractors.
The Contractor shall assume liability for the damages resulting from delay and the breach of contractual obligations only if these damages have been predictable.
Any further claims are excluded, regardless of the title of the Client. The Contractor shall not be liable for the damages not influencing the delivered object. This provision shall especially include the lost profits and other types of material loss of the Client. It shall apply to all damages caused by the employee, representative and performance agent of the Contractor.
The Contractor shall exclude liability for compensation regarding the damage or fraud caused by the Client at the expense of someone.
The Contractor shall be entitled to use the final product as a sample and present it as reference work.

Force majeure is an event which cannot be influenced by the Contractor and prevents the fulfillment of the contract or makes it unreasonably more difficult. In cases of force majeure or conditions that make the fulfillment of accepted orders unfeasible or difficult, the Contractor shall be entitled – without liability for compensation even in case of orders that have been confirmed and are being carried out – to cancel the order or decrease the scale of order, or fulfill the order at a later time, as appropriate. The agreed deadline shall be extended with the duration of delay. However, the termination by the Client is not possible earlier than four weeks after the onset of the malfunction described above. In such cases, the liability of the Contractor shall be excluded.
10. Data protection, usage and visit of website

The Contractor shall treat the personal data of the involved persons in accordance with the regulations of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
Each Client – as users of the website – shall observe the provisions specified in the policy.


These terms and conditions shall come into force as of 01.09.2012 and shall apply to all contracts concluded between the Client and the Contractor from this date. The Contractor does not enclose this GTC to the notifications sent to the Client in connection with the e-orders but makes it available at its webpage at all times.

The Contractor shall be entitled to terminate the contract concluded with the Client with immediate effect:
• if liquidation, bankruptcy or winding-up procedure has been initiated against the Client or the Client itself initiates such proceedings.
• if the payment of purchase price cannot be taken for granted resulting from the financial status, payment discipline or business practices of the Client.
If the Client has committed a serious breach of contract or cannot further comply with its contractual obligations.
If the market practices of the Client against the Contractor may result in the negative judgment of the Contractor.
If the Contractor cancels a contract by termination or a contract is terminated for any other reason, it does not involve the existing payment obligations of the Client against the Contractor in any way.


In issues not regulated here, the provisions of Act IV of 1959 on the Civil Code of the Republic of Hungary (Ptk.) shall be considered prevailing. Parties shall attempt to settle any disputes primarily by peaceful means. If these do not lead to concrete results, the Parties shall stipulate the exclusive jurisdiction of the IV/XV District Court of Budapest – in case of lack of competence Budapest Tribunal – to settle a dispute.

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